Anchor your team in joy and experience an abundant culture at work


Joy brings out the Good in people and makes them Better

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Joy in Leadership

Joyous leaders are self-confident to set ambitious goals and inspire others to achieve them together. A joyous leader acts responsibly and understands his or her impact the lives of the team.

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Joy in Innovation

Innovation requires perseverance and creativity. A joyous approach to innovation opens up new possibilities and builds your team’s resilience to keep going in the face of failure.

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Joy in Productivity

Anxiety can bring distractions at work. Shut down this ‘Andar ka Bandar’ by embracing joy and supercharging your team’s productivity at work.

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Joy in Communication

Beginning with joy allows you to bring cheer and a positive impact on the lives of people at work who hear all kind of stories in the company.

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Immerse Yourself in Joy @ Work


Overwhelmed by work, everyone in your team is trying to develop a perspective on the purpose of work and how he or she can realize it. Work can easily exhaust people if they are not grounded in the joyous energy that we all possess.

Using positive psychology, we welcome your teammates to challenge patterns of behavior, forging new relationships with each other and creating new perspectives.

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 Listen to JoyStories


Rajiv Sundram

#TodayILearned how personality of an individual play an important role in life. In ascertaining our identity, we tend to forget the innate qualities we have but are subdued. Knowing this sure adds quality to my life.


Praveen Chandra Srivastava

CEO, PNP Consultants

This program talks about how to live your life very differently than what you are living right now. It gives you absolutely new dimensions to observe and grow yourself.


Komal Shukla

JoyShop is an open and comfortable environment where every experience, from talking to people, making food together and sharing our stories is a joyful and stress-free one. As I heard people's stories, I could connect at a much deeper level and share their emotions.


Introducing Chief JoyChef

Prof Vijayaraghavan M Chariar is a Transformation Coach, Academician, Design Thinker and Serial Entrepreneur.He is a member of the faculty at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and an Adjunct Faculty at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability. He has carried out extensive research on leadership, design thinking, self- discovery and organizational transformation. He also serves as an advisor to several startups, incubators and accelerators.

Prof Chariar has delivered JoyShops for educational institutions, management schools, the armed forces, corporate houses, NGOs and international organisations since 2005. For over two decades, he has imparted mentoring and leadership training for young professionals and high achievers.