A Joyful Approach to Life

Our team has carefully concocted life experiences from more than 25 years to create a simple 4-step recipe that involves unlearning, self-discovery, understanding wisdom and the eventual transformation. The recipe underscores every single aspect of the experiences we are building at JoyIsYou.


Step 1

Unlearn self-limiting beliefs-
Question (False) Scarcity

Beliefs that are grounded in the scarcity framework hold you back in your personal, social and professional life. A journey full of joy begins by breaking these mental patterns and deep-rooted habits.


Step 2

Discover and Appreciate Your Unique Qualities

Discover the "Power of Attention"

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Step 3


Develop gratitude and practice living a Conscious Life, with the "Power of Intention"




Anchor Yourself in Joy and Flow through Life like a River, with the "Power of Manifestation". Adopt an abundant state of mind in your daily life and jump on a high speed journey through your life as new opportunities, possibilities and energy become available to you.