Joy@Work brings ..


Harmonious Productivity!


It helps your people experience the joy within and express it to be more effective personally while collaborating productively with others


A lot of effortless fun :)


Unlock your team’s energy by helping them break barriers

Overwhelmed by work, everyone in your team is trying to develop a perspective on the purpose of work and how he or she can realize it. Work can easily exhaust people, if they are not grounded in the joyous energy that we all possess.

We welcome your teammates to challenge patterns of behavior, forging new relationships with each other and creating new perspectives. Here’s what the experience involves:

  • Experience and anchor yourself in a happy natural state

  • Use the power of gratitude to achieve individual AND organisation’s goals together

  • Create a result producing system while you ENJOY the process, ACCEPT what you cannot enjoy, embrace SILENCE and EVOLVE to higher forms of being

  • Understand the unique patterns and self-talk that manifest in your physical, social, emotional and mental realm

  • Appreciate the childlike creative energy that we all had and understand how to revive it

  • Harness new energy by practicing gratitude for people and environment around you



A Joy@Work experience allows your people to dissolve mental barriers and find a new source of energy that helps them improve productivity at work



The experience helps your people accept and appreciate diverse perspectives that facilitates collaboration, specially under difficult circumstances, to produce better results

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Joy@Work adds value to your organization by offering your people

-- An experience that inspiration and enthusiasm lies within

-- A profound shift in the purpose of work and personal effectiveness

-- A commitment to express innate qualities fully

-- A desire to express impersonal leadership