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Joyous Communicators speak with passion and authenticity. They use the power of stories we constantly tell each other to make a positive impact on their environment.


In Joy @ work sessions

your team members embrace a brand new perspective on #lifegoals, realises how small tweaks in our language can dramatically change our perceptions, and find themselves able to bring authenticity and a sense of integration in the stories they want to tell.


A Joy Story


Satvik P.,

Intellify Learning

In our life we tend to carry lot of (useless things) negative feelings, fears and emotions in our (bag) mind which sabotage our well being and annihilate our mental growth. Without these, life would be lot easier and fun to deal with.

#JoyIsYou made me think if I am ready to remove the useless things from my bag and elope into a world of pure joy?

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