Appreciate, to achieve aspirations effortlessly

Your life is full of whims and fancies - things you want to do / places you want to go / person you want to be. All of us have many Aspirations 🔥🔥

Often with these aspirations, come expectations. When the reality != expectation, you tend to lose the state of joy. 

There's a simple hack - Appreciation 🤗🆒🙏 By beginning to appreciate where YOU ARE instead of complaining & worrying about where YOU WANT TO BE, you'll find small opportunities which shall add up to in due time. 

In Design, the practice of Appreciative Inquiry holds significant value. People use it to transform organisations and communities.

The practice of appreciative inquiry essentially asks you to identify what's working well in the system and do more of it. 

By beginning with joy, you can practice appreciative inquiry to make whatever change you wish for in your life.