Tune to the Music. Ignore the Noise.

Your body has a natural rhythm, a natural music that you can tune in to. 

However, it is important to distinguish the noise. Seth Godin has called it the Lizard Brain. Tim Urban and I are pretty close to how we describe it - the अंदर का बन्दर.

Giving the बन्दर authority over your mind, an uninterrupted source of power, hampers your productivity tremendously.

In order to stay the course, practice joy. The बन्दर feeds on scarcity - it points you to aspirational things. Things you could be doing, instead of what's at hand.

By anchoring yourself in joy, you are able to complete work with happiness and cut off बन्दर's fuel that is the scarcity in your mind. You might also remember it as #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)