Embrace the moment and be joyful

Very often, we live our lives thinking that I'll reach somewhere, some other destination and I'll experience happiness. It may be professional, physical or financial goals.

We are squandering the opportunity of living in the NOW and quickly this becomes a deep-rooted habit that gets programmed into our being. 

Contrary to our intuition, we can possibly declutter our mind and improve productivity by living in the NOW. 

Planning for the future vs Living in the Now is not the argument. Instead, living in the NOW essentially means that you are more conscious of your actions, no matter what is it that you are doing. 

When you plan for the long-term, you do that mindfully. However, you ought to be equally comfortable doing absolutely nothing. 

By beginning any activity with joy and being grateful to your environment will help you become more mindful of your surroundings and achieve better results.