Practice Abundance. Question Scarcity.

In nature, there is immense opportunity and only abundance. But, we experience sometimes this thing called Scarcity. We feel things like

  • "there is no time"

  • "there is no money"

  • "nobody cares for me"

  • "nobody loves me"

  • "I'm not able to produce results"

  • "we are not able to fire together as a team"

  • "Delhi is not beautiful"

  • "Traffic is chaotic" 

These thoughts differ in their subjects as we move through life but there is a pattern. All of these thoughts communicate Scarcity, that "Something is less or missing".

A Harvard Study on Selective Attention told us that you tend to NOT see things that contradict your beliefs. Significant creative and competitive advantage waits for you if you break this pattern.

Operating from a joyous mode, on the other hand, allows you to see problems as opportunities.

Joy is Your Natural State - Experience and Express.