Expressions anchored in JOY help us experience an abundant life


Fly Free in a


Wellness retreats that allow a safe space for your creativity and consciousness to express itself. A few magical hours, spent with joyful co-travellers, in this unique journey we call life.

"After attending a retreat, you enjoy the journey as much as the goal without feeling any guilt for tarrying and enjoying the now, the moment fully for what it is."

-- JoyIsYou Practitioner at IIT Delhi


Immerse Yourself in Joy @ Work


Overwhelmed by work, everyone in your team is trying to develop a perspective on the purpose of work and how he or she can realize it. Work can easily exhaust people, if they are not grounded in the joyous energy that we all possess.


We welcome your teammates to challenge patterns of behavior, forging new relationships with each other and creating new perspectives. 



Joy brings out the Good in us and makes us a Better Person

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Joy in Leadership

Positions of leadership we enjoy in our lives today also mean that we have a responsibility towards people whom we lead. We can positively impact these lives when we begin with joy.

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Joy in Innovation

Innovators continuously tinker with things in hope of improving them. When we begin with joy and make an appreciative inquiry, new possibilities and alternatives open up

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Joy in Productivity

Distractions and problems feed off of your anxiety. We call it the Andar ka Bandar. When we are abundant with joy, we improve our focus and get lot more done. We ski the spaces.

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Joy in Communication

Whether you know it already or not, you tell stories to yourself and your friends. All the time. If you decide to begin with joy, you will find positive words to tell your story and make an impact.

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joy recipe

Unlearn. Discover. Experience. Transform.

We ground ourselves in these four simple principles and use it to create experiences where you can experience an authentic version of yourself.


A journey to discover joy begins with breaking mental patterns and opening up to appreciate our unique set of qualities as well as that of others. Such an awareness generates a sense of gratitude which helps us to be more mindful of our actions and live a conscious life.