JoyShop is ...


A State of Freedom!

JoyShops are wellness retreats, where you feel free to manifest your authentic self, create new mental patterns and restore energy in your life.

A lot of effortless fun :)


Lose Yourself at JoyShop in the Love of Creation

In this busy life, we need to connect with plants, connect with human beings and do things with our own hands. Life can easily make us go bust, if we are not grounded in the environment around us.

A JoyShop is a journey that involves us in making food together, forging new relationships with each other and creating new perspectives.

  • Harness new energy by practicing gratitude for things around you and that have made you who you are
  • Learn about a life of E.A.S.E. where you can ENJOY the process, ACCEPT what you cannot enjoy,  Embrace SILENCE and EVOLVE to higher forms of being
  • Anchor in your happy natural state
  • Understand the conscious, subconscious and unconscious conversation you're having in your head
  • Identify your unique patterns as they manifest in your physical, social, emotional and mental realm
  • Appreciate the childlike creative energy that we all had and understand how to bring it back
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experience, rather than escape

JoyShop is a retreat that rejuvenates you without escaping far away from where you live. You'll be able to easily imbibe this experience in your daily city life, even after the retreat.

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embrace 'nothingness'

The JoyShop is setup as a quiet, frugal place which forces you to break assumptions as soon as you get in. We have created the closest thing you can experience to an un-dogmatic environment, right in the heart of the city.

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JoyShop is for You...

If you're seeking more meaning and your purpose in life. 

If you feel like connecting better with yourself and have more flow in life. 

If you love walking, exploring art, talking and doing things together with friends