Small acts can transform in a big way

You can make the workplace more liveable and likeable when you genuinely care. It transforms people around you, even the ones who are apparently sad.

There are people on your team who need a caring touch. We all know of situations when the person is not able to deliver his A-game. He or she could use a touch of Joy.

As people, we tend to focus all our energy negatively on that one thing we don't have. That one frustration we have with life as it is. 

With a little transformation in yourself, you can transform your environment enormously. By sprinkling a little joy here.

It requires you to shift your lens to gratitude, things and people you could be grateful for. This translates into positive energy. You can use this energy to find tools and systems to solve that one problem you have with the life around you.

When you're anchored in joy, you'll see yourself making time for people and conversations that matter. You'll increase your productivity and get a lot of stuff done. You'll have an empty deck in front of you and your tasks will be completed rapidly.

By adding a drop of joy to the beginning of your day, you can dramatically improve your productivity as well as have a positive impact on people around yourself.