It is my experience that when one is anchored in Joy, life is celebration, innate qualities are flowing & relationships are harmonious. This joyous state of being has an intrinsic quality of auto transmit and auto transform and naturally leads to fulfilment in all dimensions of life - mental, emotional, professional and personal ! 

For the last two decades, I've been privilege to teach ( & learn from !!) students at IIT Delhi, Arizona State University, IIT Kharagpur & BITS Pilani. The opportunity to enable hundreds of self-discovery conversations - resulting in integrated beings, harmony in relationships & creativity at work has been deeply fulfilling. This has resulted in an attitude of  gratitude out of which JoyIsYou has taken birth.

Vijay Chariar

Founding Director, JoyIsYou

The intention at JoyIsYou is to enable many more beings to have an integrated experience and to enable effortless flow of inner qualities - an experience where there is abundance of love, peace and silence. At JoyIsYou, each moment is a quiet celebration, the approach is authentic and integrated ... the possibilities are infinite.  

Welcome to a celebration of your Authentic Natural State - JoyIsYou !

November, 2017 . A moment of joy while in the IIT Delhi campus.

November, 2017. A moment of joy while in the IIT Delhi campus.